Ways to study: technical college or university?


Lots of ways lead to geodesy

Doing Bachelor or Master studies, you are faced a lot of interesting areas of activity in Germany and whole Europe - including best prospects at the job market

Who wants to become a geodesist in Germany needs to study at a technical college, called university of applied science = Hochschule HS or at a university. By now, these studies are offered at 13 HS and 9 universities -from Dresden to Bonn and from Hamburg to Munich.

A basic requirement to study is the Abitur or the Hochschulreife (special german graduation) which you need to apply for the Bachelor studies. Usually it takes 7 semester at a HS and 6 semester at a university to finish your Bachelor.

University of applied science HS - for practitioners and scientists:
Bachelor students at technical colleges or universities of applied science face a mostly practical oriented education which will be finished with the Bachelor of Engineering or the Bachelor of Science. This graduation enables you to start working in surveying offices, for construction companies, in industry sectors or for utility companies. Afterwards, the way to finish your Master of Science is not long anymore - studying 3 more semesters, you will get the abilities to work in varied fields of profession within economy, industry, administration, mechanical engineering or research and teaching. Additionally you are offered the possibility to become a publicly appointed surveying engineer.

University - for scientists and researchers:
In doing Bachelor studies at a university, you will get your Bachelor of Science after 6 successful semesters. Here, the focus is set on science - that is why you should like studying, researching and developing. Afterwords, you have the possibility to complete your Master studies. Going this way enables you to get leading positions in economy and science. Additionally you get the possibility to doctorate.

An overview of study possibilities

Status: September 2009
Diagramm Ausbildungswege
Ausbildungswege im Bereich Geodäsie


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