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What is Geodesy?

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Was ist Geodäsie

Geodesy means science of surveying and sectioning the earth into planes, points and markings. To know as an inhabitant where our house is located, how far it is to China, what a huge country Greenland is and many further things.

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Geodesy seems to be fascinating and exciting. See where and how you can become a geodesist in Germany.
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geodesy as job

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Me & Geodesy?


One is controlling satellites, the other is working on exciting projects of cartography. More others have to ensure that a huge aircraft is built within a tolerance of a thousands of a millimeter.

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Come with us, take a look, learn at first hand how geodesy is in practice.

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Much reading, heard a lot – which conclusion is reached? There are many fascinating projects for geodesists all over the world? Do you mean it is the right profession for you?

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