Career Prospects


Best chances for geodesists 

Those who study geodesy have the best chances to get an exciting and interesting place to work. Due to the shift from classical surveying to new fields of profession, there are lots of new possibilities for jobs.

The German and international labour market will be threatened by an urgent lack of specialists of geodesy and geo information in the following years. Reasons for this are too less people who start studying this subject and the obvious extension of possibilities to work.

Modern geo information systems, complex engineering surveying or forensic geodesy require well educated geodesists who wants to involve their knowledge and abilities in exciting and important projects like disaster prevention, forensics, crashtests or in the development of 3D models of earth.

And the trend towards the creation of new possibilities to work will further continue: today GPS (Global Positioning System) is often used to determine an exact position. Whereas people expect not only a further improved accuracy, but also a significant boost for the job market from the future European system GALILEO. Only in Europe, GALILEO shall create 160.000 new workplaces. A lot of those will be offered to the graduates of geodesy and geo information.


Here you can find an overview of the employers.