What is geodesy?



 Geodesy means science of surveying and sectioning the earth into planes, points and markings. To know as an inhabitant where our house is located, how far it is to China, what a huge country Greenland is and many further things.

Geodesists are scientists who investigate the earth and the outer space, then do surveying and graphical description subsequently. According to this data city maps, land and sea maps, 3D visualizing and entire navigation systems are developed.

Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and the 3D model of the paintings gallery of Dresden – all this is based on the geodesists’ work. Routing planers in the internet, geocaching with GPS or the navigation systems for vehicles – all these things would not exist without geodesists.

Geodesists help to forecast catastrophes like flash floods, earthquakes or tsunamis to avoid bigger damage. They work on crime scenes after serious incidents if traces of the suspects have to be checked. And they are involved in doing crash tests for scanning the security of vehicles.

These are just a few of many interesting tasks for which geodesists are needed. Could this be a suitable profession for you? If so, have a look at the following pages and see how you can become a geodesist, which qualifications you need and which exciting projects are waiting for you all around the world!