Crossroads, a small group of people wearing orange vests and a yellow tripod with them - that might be the first thing a person imagines if one thinks of the daily routine of geodesists. But that is still far away from the whole picture; geodesy embraces much more different fascinating tasks and professions. In the following some geodesists talk about their exciting and varying every day work life.


Prof. Rudolf Staiger

Professor at the University of Applied Science in Bochum, faculty for surveying and geo-information

IDuring school time, mathematics and physics were the favorite subjects of the later professor. But to study just these subjects seemed to be too theoretical in his mind. After the Abitur, he decided to study geodesy. His enthusiasm was especially created by the mixture of basics and application of mathematics. He spent one year of his studies at the Institute Géographique National in Paris. In doing so, he not only learned to speak French, but also gained a lot of subject-specific knowledge which he could bring back to Germany.

After his PhD and his time as scientific assistant at the University of Karlsruhe, Dr. Staiger gained experiences in practice while he worked for a subsidiary of Leica in the sector of industrial measuring technique in Switzerland. His résumé from this time: “I learned that the world does not only exist of accuracy, but that economy is also important and fascinating.” In addition to this, he acquired a Bachelor of Business Administration in parallel to his job.

It took some time until his appointment as professor, firstly at the university of Essen. But his expectations regarding his studies and working were already confirmed: "The education to become an engineer is not easy, but it is dependable and one is offered varied options for activities after finishing it."Today his week is full of lectures and exercises for his students, his own research projects, but also maintaining of contacts with external cooperation partners and other universities. "It is this mixture which counts!"


Year of birth: 1956
Studies: Studies at the University of Karlsruhe, scientific assistant at the institute of geodesy of the university in Karlsruhe, doctorate on the topic angle measurement to be used in 3D-coordinate measurement in short-distance
Specialization: Instrumentation technique (sensor technology, measuring and calculation technique)
Experiences in practice: A year abroad at the institute Géographique Nationale in Paris during his studies; several years of activity in the marketing and development sector of industrial measuring technique at the company Kern (shortly afterwards adopted from Leica) in Switzerland
Actual Job: Professor at the University of Applied Science Bochum, faculty for surveying and geo-information

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